Al Dhafra 1 - 2 Al Wasl
01:01:28 2021-05-12
Al Dhafra played his last match against Al Wasl today, Tuesday, May 11th in Zaabeel Stadium in Dubai within the 26th round of the Arabian Gulf League which was ended 2 - 1 for Al Wasl Club..

Al Dhafra coach played with a team consisting of Abdullah Sultan as a goalkeeper, Saeed Al Rawahi, Musallem Fayez, Mikhail Rosheuvel, Mohammed Al Junaibi, Amran Aljasasi, Issam Al Adoua, Mohammed Yousuf, Pedro Pavlov, Makhete Diop, and Pedro Conde.

The first half started quickly from both sides and Al Dhafra was pressing hard upon Al Wasl so Saeed Al Rawahi was able to score Al Dhafra first goal in the 28th minute after which Al Dhafra continued his pressure but without any change till 45th minute came which witnessed Al Wasl draw goal scored by his player Fabio Lima from a penalty after which the first half was ended in 1-1 draw.

The second half started quickly from both sides and Al Dhafra was trying to add another goal while Al Wasl was trying also but there was no change till the 59th minute came which witnessed Al Wasl's second goal by his player Joao Figueredo.

The 67th and 68th minutes witnessed Al Dhafra first and second substitutions by entering Ibrahim Saeed instead of Saeed Al Rawahi and Badr Al Attas instead of Mikhail Kenro Rosheuvel after which the match went on with the same results till the referee ended it up 2/1 for Al Wasl.

By this result, Al Dhafra stays in 11th place and secured his place in the league for the next season.

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