Kwid: We have not reached the required level of readiness, but we are improving from one match to another
16:01:38 2021-09-14
The Syrian coach Mohammed Kwid, the technical director

 of Al Dhafra Club, said that there is no easy or difficult match in football, considering that all matches are difficult for him, whether with the leader or the bottom.

This came during the introductory press conference for Bani Yas match in the fourth round of  ADNOC Professional League, which was held by Kwid in Abu Dhabi this afternoon, Tuesday, September 14th, to reveal Al Dhafra's preparations for the meeting, during which he was accompanied by team player Eissa Al Otaiba.

Kwid added that his team has not yet reached the required level of form and readiness, but the team is improving from one game to another, even if it is a relative improvement, and it can reach its goal of readiness with the upcoming breaks.

The Syrian coach explained that he still believes that the team's preparation.

Al Dhafra coach confirmed that transferring Emirates match points in favor of Al Dhafra with the disciplinary decision gave everyone a morale boost, although the performance in that match was not convincing after the team advanced with a goal and equalized the result by the competitor, noting that the points of the competitors have special situations.

The Syrian coach praised the performance of goalkeeper Abdullah Sultan, adding that he bore a great burden during the previous matches and appeared in a good appearance, pointing out that the return of the goalkeeper Khaled Al-Sinaani will give the team a morale boost, pointing out that Sultan Al-Ghafri's readiness is incomplete and the technical staff will work to advance it gradually.

Regarding the competitor Baniyas, Kwid said that it is a respectable, balanced and integrated team and has good possession. It only lacks some small details in front of the goal, which affected the departure of its striker Joao Pedro adding that he will rely on his previous defensive style and depend on the counter-attacks, he attributed this to the team's lack of physical readiness and the lack of some positions.

Al Dhafra's coach expressed his optimism about the team despite all of the above, pointing out that everyone has the desire to provide the best, especially after the negative nominations against the team from the sports street, expecting the team's level to gradually rise.

Al Dhafra's coach expressed his optimism about morale after winning Emirates points and performing the match at his home, that the team would perform more comfortably, despite his expectation that the match would be difficult.

Regarding the team’s absence during the next meeting, Al Dhafra's coach said that the team will lose the efforts of the Nigerian Imoh Ezekiel after his first good appearance during the Emirates Club match due to a muscle injury.

For his part, Al Dhafra defender, who recently joined the team, Eissa Al Otaiba, expressed his happiness to be with Al Dhafra ranks this season, stressing that he is determined to return to his normal level after being away for more than one season due to injury.

.Al-Otaiba said that he is optimistic with his fellow players that he will play a good match against Baniyas despite the strength and fierceness of the competitor, adding that Al Dhafra includes a distinguished group of players with experience and a high technical level.


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