Al Dhafra 1-2 Baniyas
18:31:10 2021-09-16
Al Dhafra lost its match against its guest Baniyas,

1/2, during the meeting that took place between them this evening, Thursday September 16th, at Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan Stadium, in Zayed City, in Al Dhafra region, in the opening matches of the fourth round of ADNOC Professional League.

Al Dhafra coach started the match with a squad consisting of Abdullah Sultan as a goalkeeper,  Imran Al Jassassi, Issam Al Adoua, Musalam Fayez, Khalaf Al Hosani and Khaled Butti in the defense line, Benjamin Ayim, Khaled Al Darmaki and Mohammed Al Junaibi in the midfield, Ahmed Ali and Diop in the attack line.

Al Dhafra started the match in a balanced manner in defense and attack, relying on  Mohammed Ismail, while the defense of Al Dhafra dealt strongly with all the attacks of Baniyas.

The 12th minute, Al Dhafra received a goal from a header from a corner ball, which ended the first half.

Al Dhafra entered the second half of the match with a desire to modify the result, and the team led more than one attack, which resulted in mdifying the result in the 57th minute with a deceptive header by Senegalese Makhete Diop.

After this draw, both teams started looking for the progressive goal, and both teams presented an exciting match in the remaining minutes of the match. At a time when everyone expected a draw until the match entered in overtime, and after the referee calculated 4 minutes, Al Dhafra received a goal in the fifth minute protested by the players and fans of Al Dhafra to end the match.

Al Dhafra lost by two goals to one.

As a result, Al Dhafra has three points in tenth place, while Bani Yas rose with its score to 4 points in eighth place before the end of the fourth round matches..

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