Kwid: “I hope we are wrong and the referee is right.”
18:49:40 2021-09-16
The Syrian Coach Mohammed Kwid, the technica

l director of Al Dhafra Club, said that the match between his team and Baniyas in the fourth round of the ADNOC Professional League was an equal match in terms of opportunities, goals and in everything, whether it was over the course of the first or second half.
This came during an evaluation press conference for the match, which was held by both teams' coaches in the press conference hall at Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan Stadium in Zayed City in Al Dhafra region shortly after the end of the match, which Al Dhafra lost by 1-2 .
Al Dhafra coach added that he asked his players at times to increase the offensive pressure to snatch a second goal after noticing the decline in the performance of Baniyas.
Kwid hoped that he would not be mistaken when he watched a handball in the second goal of Baniyas, which Kwid kept on its timing after the end of the original and additional time of the match.
Al Dhafra coach lamented the loss of a point that was within reach, praising at the same time the performance of his players, especially in terms of performance, tactics and organization on the field.
For his part, the assistant coach of Baniyas Club, Ahmed Al Hammadi, praised his team's result, pointing out that the result came to return Baniyas to the right path.
Al Hammadi praised his team winning, wishing Al Dhafra the best of luck in the upcoming matches.

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