Kwid: I am optimistic as long as my team performs, makes, and reaches the opponent's goal.
13:57:46 2021-09-22
The Syrian Coach Mohammed Kwid, the technical director

 of Al Dhafra Club confirmed that his team is improving from a match to another clearly hoping that it presents a good level when they complete their team with the foreign players.

This came during the introductory press conference of Khorfakkan match, which was held in Abu Dhabi this evening, Wednesday, September 22nd, and he was accompanied by the team player Khaled Al Darmaki.

Kwid expressed his satisfaction about his team's performance in his last match against Baniyas referring to that his team had to achieve a draw at least but for bad luck in the last minutes.
Kwid also expressed his optimism as long as his team makes, performs, and reaches the opponent's goal area.

He also added that the league becomes tougher after each round and there aren't any easy matches realizing that surprises are possible as long as everyone strives.

He also expected the difficulty of the match as long as both teams lost their last matches and they are Searching for a positive result referring to that each team knows the other well, mentioning Al Dhafra knows well his players who were transferred to Khorfakkan such as Zayed Al Hammadi, Ibrahim Saeed, and Masaud Suleiman.

About the readiness of his team, Kwid said that the readiness of his players on the pitch, their concentration, and taking advantage of opportunities will decide the confrontation.
About the absence of the players, Kwid said that it is the main problem for his team since the beginning of the sports season confirming the absence of Pedro Pavlov and Mohammed Saif but Sultan Al Ghafri will be within the team list.

About the opponent, he said that Khorfakkan is a good team with his basic and substitutes adding that they perform their matches with different playing styles with distinctive offensive capabilities especially when they play on their land.

Finally, Kwid hoped that his team performs a balanced match and achieve a positive result.
For his part, Al Dhafra midfielder, Khaled Al Darmaki said that they as players will work hard to achieve a positive result despite their knowledge about Khorfakkan and its strength, its development during the current Sports season.

Al Darmaki added that the club administration, the team, and the technical staff are working perfectly to complete the team's shortage staying that the team is improving from a match to another generally hoping that the team will achieve a positive result.


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