Al Dhafra 0 - 3 Khorfakkan
18:05:23 2021-09-24
Al Dhafra played his 5th match in the league

 against Khorfakkan FC within the 5th round of the ADNOC Pro League which was held in Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi Stadium today evening Friday, September 24th which was ended 3/0 for Khorfakkan.

Al Dhafra coach played with a team consisting of Abdullah Sultan as a goalkeeper, Musallem Fayez, Khaled Butti, Imran Al Jassasi, Mohammed Al Jneibi, Benjamin Ayim, Khalaf Al Hosani, Ahmed Ali, Khaled Aldurmaki, Issam Al Adoua, and Makhete Diop.

The first half started quickly from both sides and Al Dhafra was trying to score the progress goal while Khorfakkan was also trying to score but there was no change till the 17th minute came which witnessed the first goal of Khorfakkan by his player Caique Jesus after which the match went on with the same results and Al Dhafra was pressing hard to score the draw goal so it made serious tries but unfortunately they were unsuccessful.

Al Dhafra player Khaled Aldurmaki kicked a nice shot directly into the goal but was spoiled by the goalkeeper and the defender, so there was no change till the referee ended the first half 1/0 for Khorfakkan FC.

The second half started slowly from both sides but Khorfakkan was able to score his second goal from a penalty committed by Musallem Fayez in the 54th minute by his player Dodo after which the match went on with different rhythm and Khorfakkan added his third goal in the 64th minute by his player Paulinho.

Al Dhafra started to press hard after the 3rd goal so Makhete Diop was able to score Al Dhafra first goal in the 57th minute from a nice assist by the defender Issam Al Adoua but unfortunately, it was was was considered as an offside after returning to the VAR technique.

The 70th minute witnessed Al Dhafra's first substitution by entering Hamdan Al Moharrami instead of Benjamin Ayim after which the match went on with the same results till the 80th minute came in which Al Dhafra coach made his second substitution by entering Sinisa Jolacic instead of Khaled Aldurmaki.

Al Dhafra was trying to narrow the gap but without any change, till the referee ended the match 3/0 for Khorfakkan.

By this result, Al Dhafra goes back to 11th place with 3 points while Khorfakkan upgrades to 9th place with 5 points before the end of this round.

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