Kwid: The penalty was the turning point of the match
23:14:35 2021-09-24
Al Dhafra coach said that, he expected a difficulty

in his match against Khorfakkan which he lost 0/3.

This came during the evaluation press conference of the match, which was held by the coaches shortly after the match in the press conference hall of Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi Stadium in Khorfakkan Yester day evening Friday, September 24th.

Kwid added that he came to the achieve a positive result and he performed good during the first half and  he had many chances which had to secure the situation but his opponent scored a goal from one chance.

Al Dhafra coach said that, he entered the second half to change the result when his team played openly which gave a chances for Khorfakkan to press referring to that, the penalty - which he sees as questionable- was the turning point of the match.

Kwid cleared that he wanted to compensate the result and he was nearly to score expressing his satisfaction about the performance of his players adding that, he expect that Al Dhafra performance will increase after the returning of some players and after completing the number of the foreign players.

He fially referred to that, the Senegalese striker Makhete Diop was subjected to close censorship hoping that Kalba match which comes after few days wil be a chance for the team to compensate for this loss.

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